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Genesis AI Hearing Aids

Better hearing never sounded so good

The biggest leap forward ever in hearing technology, Genesis AI hearing aids are anything but ordinary. Built tough to be durable and waterproof* in order to withstand sweat, dirt, dust, drops and dunks.

Packed with the industry’s most sophisticated technology, they make over 80 million adjustments every hour to automatically optimize sound to whatever you’re doing.

Genesis AI Hearing Aids

Genesis AI are engineered to help wearers:

  • Hear sounds the way the brain intended.
  • Keep connected, stay engaged and miss fewer meaningful moments.
  • Enjoy enhanced listening moments, improved well-being, and easier everyday living.

Durable and waterproof*

Built tough to withstand sweat, dirt, dust, drops and dunks.

All-day rechargeability

Charge overnight and wear confidently all day long.

Discreet, ergonomic design

Rests snug behind the ear, making it barely noticeable to others.

*Up to 3 foot depth. Rechargeable styles only.

What are your personal hearing needs?

True-to-life sound

The industry’s most advanced processing technology mimics the way our auditory system processes sound, resulting in sounds the way the brain intended. 

Clearer speech recognition

New Neuro Sound Technology identifies and codes signals of interest (speech) differently than noise to significantly enhance speech clarity, especially in loud environments. 

User-friendly technology

Genesis AI automatically adapts to the environment you’re in, making up to 80 million adjustments every hour so you don’t have to change settings or mess with controls if you don’t want to.

Small, discreet hearing aids

Redesigned after years of research, Genesis AI RICs ergonomically sit low above the pinna to provide optimal discreetness — while CIC and IIC custom styles are the smallest available. 

Bluetooth connectivity you can count on

Uses the latest Bluetooth protocol to enhance streaming capabilities to compatible smartphones and other media devices.

Durable and Waterproof*

Pro8 HydraShield delivers eight distinct points of protection designed to help Genesis AI hearing aids repel moisture, survive drops and take what life dishes out.

All-day power and rechargeability

Styles that you can charge overnight and wear all day, including the longest lasting rechargeable RIC. 

Charge them overnight, then hear and stream all day long, thanks to double the battery life of previous technology!

Easy phone streaming

The 2-Way Audio feature uses the hearing aid microphones to pick up and stream your voice directly back to compatible iPhones and iPads, allowing you to talk hands-free.

To live a more active and healthy life

Uses the science of the ears to help you accurately count steps, track engagement and achieve well-being goals.

No buzzing or whistling

Starkey’s best-in-class feedback cancellation system provides feedback-free listening.

Customizable tinnitus relief

Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology is available for those who need it — designed to help bring relief from ringing in the ears. 


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